Join me on a roadtrip to Financial freedom!

Hello there!

My name is Marc. I am a 30’s something consultant working for a Software company, who is interested in achieving financial independence and generating passive income trough various sources. I am using this blog to share my experiences to hopefully help others to learn from my successes and failures (yes I’ve had my share).

If you are new then the easiest way to start is by checking out my monthly portfolio updates. They give a good overview of where my investments are currently at.

I have different other sections relating to financial freedom, let me explain a few of them:

The portfolio

Everything related to what I own and what I make is set here. The most popular section on my blog is the monthly portfolio updates. We all know how much people love to see in detail what other people have. I also have a section about real estate that I use to post about my hunt for a house.

Financial independence

This contains four main sections. In one section I write about the goals I set out for myself, investments I do to reach my goals, one section saving and frugal living, and last but not least I write about early retirement, basically about how I am preparing for early retirement.

EM (Euromoney) Recommends

This section is meant to write in dept reviews on blogs, books or sites or investment platforms that I use or have used.


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