The 27 Mintos Loan Originators I choose to invest in

I really take my time to set my auto-invest settings. If you don’t have much time you could choose B or higher originators as I suggested in my Mintos Review earlier, and use Mintos diversification settings, however there are some originators you want to avoid, and the Mintos diversification settings are not always as diversified as you might think.

In the end you will need to decide on your own settings based on your Risk profile, however this might provide some guidance on what to look for.

If you are not sure yet what Mintos is exactly then read my Mintos review and find out.

My Mintos Investment strategy

Before we begin I do have a few requirements. Any Loan originator in my portfolio answers these requirements.

  • Interest rates need to be above 10%
  • Only Loan Originators that provide Buyback guarantee
  • No Loans from Kosovo or Denmark (due to local regulations)
  • Mintos Loan Originators need to have either interest on late payments or penalty for late payments
  • I did not find any Loan Originator of C+ or lower that interests me, so they are not mentioned here
  • My strategy is aimed at minimizing risk, but I do take in some risk to get better returns

Points to watch out for

Very high interest rates

Its better not to blindly chase a high interest rate, but always stand still and ask why this high interest rate is offered. It might be that the Loan Originator offers the Loans at a higher interest rate himself, so can afford it, but it might also be that the Loan Originator urgently needs cash. Which is not a bad thing necessarily, but you must always ask the right questions when investing.

Financial Statements

Mintos Loan Originators

A lot of loan originators also use old Financial statements. While still showing only 2018 financials are suspicious but can still be somewhat forgiven, still using 2017 financials is for me a red flag and a reason to not only stop investing but also a reason to consider to sell. Also always look if Financials are audited. If they are not audited we are trusting the Loan Originator to provide proof.

Loan originatorMintos RatingInvested?What I like / Dislike
AasaB+NoThe latest Financials are from 2017. Its hard to invest based on 3 year old Financials
AcemaA-NoWhile they have a great Mintos rating, the interest they provide is just to low for me to invest in Acema
AgroCreditA-NoAcema does not give any interest rate on delayed payments (or penalty)
AkulakuB+NoI like the large equity they have but I do not like the very low interest they give.
AlexCreditB-NoAlexCredit is making a small loss and has a low equity position
AlfaKredytBYesSlightly profitable, good interest rates and interest on delayed payments
BanknoteA-YesGood Equity, profit and interest rates on delayed payments
BB Finance GroupA-NoGood Financials but to low interest rates to apeal to me
Capital ServiceB-YesCaptital service is making a small profit since its latest statements and is providing great interest rates
CapitaliaB+NoCapitalia is making a small loss and has low equity. The interest rates are great but to risky for me to invest in
CashCreditBNoNo interest or penalty for late payments
CashwagonB-NoGreat interest rates, good transparency with financials, not profitable but Financial situation is improving
Cream FinanceBPartlyCream Finance is making a small loss but has a great Equity position. I did opt out of Danish loans since interest rates in Denmark are capped yearly at 30%
CredissimoA-NoProfitable, nice equity but very low interest rates
CreditStarBYesGood Financials, interest on delayed payments, decent interest rate
CrediusB+YesProfitable, Decent Equity and decent interest rates
DineoB-NoProfitable, good financials, interest rate on delayed payments but to low interest rates
DozarplatiB-YesSlightly profitable and great interest rates
Dziesiatka FinanseB-YesDecent Finances (about break even), interest on delayed payments, good interest rates
EcoFinanceBYesMaking a small loss, good interest rates, interest on delayed payments
EstoB-NoBreak even Finacials, decent Equity, but to low interest rates considering its financial position
Everest FinanseA-YesGreat Financials, but very difficult to get loans on the market
Evergreen FinanceB+YesGood Finacials but difficult to get loans
Extra FinanceBYesDecent Financials , good interest rates, interest on delayed payments
FinkoB+/B-/C+/CPartlyIt’s a mix of LO's with at least one good originator. That’s why I did select the B+ originator here.
FireOfBNoSmall originator, Penalty income on delayed payments but very low interest rates
GFMB-NoNew to Mintos, extremly nice interest rates but Financials are not yet convincing enough for me to invest
HipoCreditB-NoNot very profitable and very low equity. To risky for me to invest in. One of the sub-LO's is giving both interest rate on delayed payments and penalty for delays!
ID FinanceB+YesThey have a great sub-LO in Kazachstan that has great Financials and great interest rates. Kazachstan is the only country I selected here
ITF GroupB-YesFinancials and interest rates are just good enough! I also notice an upward trend here.
IutecreditB+YesThey had some bad luck with Kosovo loans, but came trough for their investors. They still have excellent Financials and give good interest rates. I continue to invest.
JuloB-NoThey make some profit but they seem to be very new. The financials published are also unaudited. For now I am staying out but I will re-evaluate in some time.
Kredit PintarB+YesThey showed a great profit for 2018, but I am eagerly awaiting their numbers for 2019. They usually give an above average interest rate.
KvikuBYesGood Financials, great interest rates!
LFTechB-NoFinacials have not been updated since 2017! Its impossible to invest in this LO
LimeBYesDecent financials and a good interest rate
Mikro KapitalA-/B+YesDecent Financials, decent interest rate
MogoAPartlyGreat Financials, decent interest rate. Not all LOs give interest on delayed payments though so I unselected those countries
Mozipo GroupB-NoMozipo Group is making to big a loss for me to stay in
NovaloansB+YesThe Loan Originator is not very large and that is increasing the risk, but he is making a profit
PeachyBNoPeachy is making a loss, I don't understand the reasoning of giving Peachy a B rating on Mintos
Placet GroupA-/B+YesGreat Financials and equity. Interest rates are a bit low, but sometimes you can pick some up with interest rate of 10%
Stik CreditB-YesDecent Financials but the interest rates make it hard to Find loans of this originator
Sun FinanceB-NoI don't consider the financials of any of Sun Finance Sub LO's good enough to invest in
TASCreditB-YesTasCredit is stil small but is showing growth in 2019 Financials and is profitable
VIZIAA-YesVery good Financials and Equity. Decent Interest rates
WOWWOBYesGood Financials and Equity. Decent Interest rates

So that totals my 27 loan originators. Keep in mind Mintos currently has 65 Loan Originators. Its hard to know that if you would blindly select all 65 originators if you would come out on top after 5 years. You would have a higher interest rate, but for sure you would also have a higher rate of default. If you diversify but you take in to much Loan Originators with bad ratings then you diversify in a bad way, and greatly increase your chances of defaults.

Mintos Diversification settings

I also do not like the default diversification settings Mintos has. It does not hold into account how many sub – origators a Loan Originator has, and it fails to account for the Risk / Return that Loan Originators bring.

These are the default Diversification with my settings:

Did you notice the big stack in the side taking up 25% of my investments? Horrible! The stack here is Finko, and as you have seen I have deselected most sub – originators from Finko, but still Mintos is treating it like I have them all selected. Additionally a few others are given a higher percentage then I would given the risk that comes with them.

I have contacted Mintos to not only point out this issue, but also to ask that my diversification settings are not overwritten every time I add a new Loan Originator. Mintos is getting a lot of new Loan Originators these days, which is great as a few are really good enough quality to make part of my portfolio, however it is a lot of work to rebalance the settings every time.

With my own settings inserted I get a much better balance. I no longer have any Mintos Loan Originators higher then 15% and those who are higher then 10% have good Financial Figures.

You can find the difference in the bellow table:

Loan originatorMintos Diversification SettingsMy Diversification Settings
Capital Service7.434
Cream Finance11
Dziesiatka Finanse11
Everest Finanse2.043
Evergreen Finance11
Extra Finance11
ID Finance12.4110
ITF Group11
Kredit Pintar10.3310.33
Mikro Kapital11
Placet Group11
Stik Credit11

My Mintos Portfolio

And how is it working out for me?

My Mintos account balance

First I should point out the following points:

  • I have a second strategy on the secondary market containing 3% of my portfolio. I only buy loans with discount here and I have a higher requirement
  • I have another strategy containing 6% of my portfolio on the secondary market. This strategy is now disabled
  • About 5% of my portfolio has been manually invested. Mainly to combat cash drag
  • My strategy sometimes changes, so I have loan originators that I removed from my auto-invest strategy in my portfolio, although I do not sell the loans unless the financial situation of the Mintos Loan Originator drastically changes
  • I have a total of 9700 EUR invested so far and a return rate of 11.38%. I know many have a higher return rate then me, but they are also willing to accept more risk.

Generally I am quite happy with my diversification and I feel every month it is slightly improving and getting more to the place where I want it to be at.

Final Words


I should mention the bellow sources that I use a lot when deciding on what Mintos originators to invest in.

What would you do differently?

I am not perfect, I am sure improvements are possible, or you have a different preference. I am very eager to read what kind of strategy you follow, or what you like / do not like in my strategy. Leave a comment bellow and let me know!

4 thoughts on “The 27 Mintos Loan Originators I choose to invest in

  1. Not a bad review with some interesting points.

    But is the small interest profit worth al the time investing?

    Better move your whole portfolio to Mintos and go from there.

    1. I am slowly moving more of my portfolio into Mintos yes. I used to had 10 platforms now I have 7. But moving is a slow process. I do spend a lot of time on this, but that’s also because its a hobby, Mintos has less time consuming ways to invest also

  2. How has your portfolio changed since the start of the pandemic? Any thoughts on “safe” lenders during this turbulent time?

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